UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has responded to Bowman Lusambo, for giving artists an ultimatum to apologise for saying the country is not being well run.

Lusambo said the sentiments that the country is being misgoverned is an attack to the President and puts his name into disrepute.

“What do you know about Governance, where have you governed? You can’t just wake up and start advising the President and talking ill about things you don’t understand”, fumed Lusambo.

However, Hichilema says the youths owe no one an apology for speaking truth and against the injustices being done by President Edgar Lungu’s administration.

“Zambian youth must not be afraid to speak out against injustices, human rights abuses, political violence, unprecedented corruption and theft of public resources as well as mismanagement of public affairs by the PF,” says Hichilema.

He said it is now the responsibility of every youth of Zambia in the diaspora and locally to speak out and be heard.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are in politics, performing arts, employment, business, religion, student movement or whatever field, you must stand up now and speak out,” he adds.

This is not a matter to be left to politics anymore, everyone must get involved now. Refuse to be apologists over crimes and abuses committed by those who have been disposed with a solemn duty to manage public affairs and resources.

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  1. The qualification of any person to express his/her views about misgovernance of our country is being zambian and not only a politician.this country belongs to all indigenous and matters concerning governance are our business therefore youths are involved.we learn about governance way back from school and that is enough qualification to participate in governance issues in a democracy.

  2. The Patriotic Front which is now unpatriotic should be able to see that the more you muffle peoples voices the more they boil from inside and when they start to erupt you shall fail to handle them, when people have an open way to express themselves it acts as a breather but when that breather is shut the volcano starts to build from within, in recent times if PF has technocrats you should see that the volcano is about to erupt.
    If PF has good advisers, let them come out now and do proper damage control otherwise, I see what I see and I end here. this is timely advice from someone who loves peace.


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