Lemba Tribesmen Of Zimbabwe With Similar Heritage as the Tongas . of Southern Zambia. Lembas DNA matches with that of white jews confirming that they are jews.

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For many years historians have failed to trace or state the origin of Tongas the ethnic group of southern province. Not even archaeology and oral traditions could give a clue of where Tongas came from.

However, this mystery of the origin of Tongas is almost resolved, thanks to Anthropological linguistics which is the study of origin of man through language patterns and culture. Anthropological linguists first ruled out Tongas being part of Bantu groups that originated from the Cameroon and Luba Lunda. The only path they could have used was Ethiopian nilotic corridor. They compared a few Tonga phonems with the Tutsi and Black Jews of Ethiopia and some old Tonga traditions tarried with the Tutsi, Ethiopian Jews and the Lemba dialect of Zimbabwen Zezulu. They discovered that the Tonga culture of polygamy, cattle rearing, abstenance of eating mice, caterpillars are some of Jewish customs practiced by the Zezulu(not Shona). Some of the religious doctrines practiced by Tongas and Zezulu postolis are not coincidentally SDA or Apostolic but Judaism. It is believed that the Lemba before becoming Zezulu lived in East Africa together with Tongas and Tutsi around 5 BC and were observing the Sabbath, they called it Shabbat.

Through Anthropological linguistics, it has been discovered that Tongas, Tutsi, the Lemba and the Ethiopian Jews are the lost tribe of Israel which escaped captivity in Asyria (2 Kings 17:5-7). They wandered in the wilderness for decades until they settled in Ethiopia. Because they realised their suffering was punishment for disobeying God, they upheld the law of Moses strictly. In their quest to follow the law of Moses, they appointed a religious leader called Moses or Moze.To prove this how and where did that Ethiopian eunic learn the book of Isaiah when he met Philip? ( Acts8:26-31) He was a lost Jew.
Under the leadership of Moze, this group moved south, separated around lake Victoria Tutsi went west while then Lemba and Tongas settled in Malawi. Much linguistic and ethnic transformation took place making them lose that Nilotic structure through intermarriages with early Bantus. However, the main group moved further Southwest into present Gwembe valley changing the name to Donga meaning big river and lembas crossed into Zimbabwe and built Zimbabwe walls with skill learnt from their ancestors who built walls of Jerusalem.

Dongas under their religious leader Moses or Moze moved to the plateau changed the name from Donga to Tonga and Moze to Monze Mukulu. That’s why Chief Monze is regarded as the spiritual leader of Tongas because the name Monze is derived from Moses.
Anthropological linguists have compared some Tonga and Tutsi names with Hebrew names and phonems and morphemes tarry. For example, Hebrew names like Habbakuku, Hagai Hezekiah, Hitofil, Shaman, Hazel and Tongas have Hamoonga, Haloba Hikaumba, Tutsi have Habirimana, Hamugabo. Ethiopian Jews have names like Haile Selassie etc
Israel recognises Ethiopian black Jews and Tutsi as Israelis that’s why America and Israel have developed Kigali and Addis Ababa to the first class African cities. Jews will never abandon their own. With this new discovery we are yet to see what American Jews and Israel will do for Zambia. Tongas, Zezulus and Tutsi are Jews from the tribe of Asher as they were blessed by their ancestor Jacob. Tongas produce beef and milk for Zambia, most of Zimbabwen food comes from the Lemba region and minority Tutsi feed Rwanda, Burundi and Eastern Congo( Genesis 49:20).

This information is not new truthfully speaking, it has been suppressed for centuries by white missionaries, the owners of our education because it exposes the true race of Jesus contrary to their depiction that He was white, deep down their hearts they know that Jesus was not white but Nilotic as depicted by Egyptian and Ethiopian artists. These European missionaries do not want to hear anything about black Jews, you have accepted their lies that the origin of Tongas is not known. And why should the Bible confine itself in Palestine when God was worshipped in Ethiopia as well? The selection of old testament Bible books was seriously censored to remove African Ethiopian scriptures.

Further research about the Lemba People of Zimbabwe:

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    • This story is highly plausible. Just listen to Tutsi dialect, its the closest dialect to Tonga dialects. In some of the Tusti songs, they mention kubutonga. Just listen to this :


      How ever more research is required in this. White history has failed to document accurately which group the tongas belong.

  1. No wander why we called all sought of names. i see from now on i will accepting any kind of a fanny name just like they called those three captivity Daniel, mishech, Shadrech & abednico. we bear some similarities as God’s most favoured people.

  2. Black Jews of Ethiopia did not came from Israel , these are sons and daughters of king Solomon . He married an African of Ethiopia among the 300 wives king Solomon was an Ethiopia lady the mother to hisilasi then the Ethiopia black Jews they do alot of rituals which Jews do such as male circumcision , Sabbath , and all what leviticas says to observant including old testament . Now do tongas do circumcisions ? Do they observe old testament ?

  3. I will not comment on the article but will state the facts 1. the Devil knows that a small group of those who worship God with true sincerity is found among the Tongas any example-Herod was moved with envy when Jesus was born.

  4. Kunvera Nimahala Ine Kuziba Kuno Kuti Bantu Benango Niokosa Kusasiya Mangombe Monse Mwe Anayenda Simion Simango IV GB Msikitar Soko Gee Davelious Phiri Prince Jax Seconjey Wiuz Henry DG Henry Siatwinda Siamfuko

  5. From today am Hebrew desendant from the tribe of Asher one of 12 sons of Jacob.Am changing my name to Hastrone Hachiyuni Hibbuku coz i now know my origin. God bless the Tongas,Tutsi,Ethopian jews, Lembas nd may the blessing that Jacob gave to our forefather Asher continue flowing to all your desendants according Genesis 49 vs 20.

  6. After writing this stupid story, the writer has not even mentioned why “tongas are the most hated”. And who hates them most. The writer caps his stupidity by claiming that dongas have genes of white jews. And anyone would be so stupid to believe that to exist you have to have migrated from somewhere. And why they even change the name from donga, i think it suits them. Finally “monze” is “moses”, my foot!


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