By Elias Munshya

Are vaccines marks of the beast?
If indeed a vaccine is a mark of the beast, then many of you have a lot of these marks. People my age, all have embedded in their bodies two scars – one on the left arm, and the other on the shoulder.

These scars are used by medical personnel to easily identify who has the vaccine, and who hasn’t. These vaccines have helped save a whole generation and without these vaccines we would have had polio, whooping cough, TB, tetanus, and many other diseases. We would have died as infants.

Today, most of those railing against vaccines, do have this mark of the beast and they are doing just fine.

And so. No. Vaccines are not the mark of the beast. And there are no demons in vaccines. Vaccines can’t change your DNA. The Lord’s Second Coming has nothing to do with vaccines as vaccines have been around for many years.

Eschatology is immediate and imminent, but connecting it to vaccines is heresy. The obsession with the end-times need a little balance. Unfortunately some in churches have gone overboard and are susceptible to heresy. This is extremely sad.

The COVID-19 vaccines were developed by scientists including Zambians working for Pfizer and other companies.
Let’s all stop spreading the fear.
On the conspiracy theories of reducing the population. Please. If Bill Gates wanted to kill you, he would have just stopped funding those ARVs you’re drinking everyday. Gates has also funded drugs that help reduce mother to child transmission of HIV. And so, just drink those ARVs in peace.

As a Pentecostal, the most unfortunate thing about our faith is that as spiritual peoples, we sometimes succumb to fear. Sometimes irrational and unbiblical fear.

I hope we will all let God be God and pray for our scientists, and doctors, and nurses. They are doing the work of God too.
Thank you.



  1. You’re 100% right Mr Munshya …….a lot of people are taking ARVs day and night without knowing its source,who funds the dame drugs ba pwiila,maybe its from the Satanists they don’t know.

  2. It is unfortunate that history is repeating itself. Africans will again die in their millions from an imported disease, just like AIDS, because of DENIALISM, FEAR and conspiracy theories. Covid 19 is a real killer and we would do well to pay attention to how it should be managed. Sadly, the very people that should be leading are contradicting their message. Lungu is not staying home but gallivanting around the country campaigning in the name of ‘inspecting’ (non-existent) development projects.

  3. EM you are spot on, the problem with some churches, is that they read their Bibles upside down and understand nothing, that is why Jesus called them blind guides, they will lead their blind followers in the ditch. The same things they embrace and become die hards are the things represented by 666.


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