Prophet Shephard Mesala


A Woman working for the Zambia Army has given her testimony after Prophet Stepherd M Mesala laid his hands on her after testing HIV positive for over 8 years.

A woman whose name has been withheld by Zambian Watch says she stopped taking ARV’s in 2017 and got seriously ill in 2018 for failing to adhere to medical advise.

She says in 2019, she leant about Prophet Shepherd M Mesala through Zambian Watch and wanted to see the man of God.

This Year, the said woman went to see Prophet Shepherd M Mesala who prayed for her and told her to take two HIV tests after Seven days on diffrent dates.

Shockingly but true, the woman tested negative using two tests and wanted her testimony heard.

And when contacted for a Comment, Prophet Shepherd M Mesala who is Zambia’s most influencial Prophet said everything was posible through the power of God.

“God can not fail in any situation if you believe. I’m a called man of God and helping the needy who believe in God have a place in heaven. Im glad this woman can testify how God has been faithful in her life. Its never too late to believe” he said.

The woman who works for Zambia Army has however shared all the results of her status to Zambian Watch to backup her claim that she has been healed.

She tested positive in 2011 and got healed completely in 2019 after not taking Medication for the past two years.



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