Over 140 hectares of crop fields in Kitwe have been ravaged by fall armyworms.

District Agriculture Coordinator Dr Raphael Muyaule has named farm blocs across the Kafue River in Mufuchani area as the most hit.

Muyaule said government has been alert in responding to any disaster of such nature and stated that over 150 litres of pesticides to contain the armyworms has been delivered to affected farmers.

He was however said that the damage on the crops does not require replanting further urging farmers not to panic but consider buying extra pesticides from agro dealers.

Muyaule has praised farmers in the district for being alert and ensuring that the damage on their crops is not worsened but have been applying pesticides even before government came on board.

“So far we taking of about 143 hectares that have been affected and I am happy to report that by way of containing the infestation, government has delivered to Kitwe 150 litre of insecticide to Kitwe which is already being distributed, I would say no crop has been damaged would warrant replanting,” he stated.


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