By Hon Munsanje

Yesterday, the 10 AVIC employees that were arrested for demonstration against poor working conditions and salaries were released after paying K30 000 bail amount.

In a country where employees are arrested for demanding moneys, their government charge them huge amount of money, more than their two months salaries.

Everybody needs money but it looks like leaders need money more than people that work for it. With millions as their salaries, they are still eyeing for more.

Instead of having a meeting with AVIC on how to better the lives of Zambian workers, the current government do have meetings with AVIC management on how to undermine the people of Zambia.

Who therefore, will have the hearts of poor Zambians at large? K3 000 bail each yet their salaries are a shame. Arrested in their country because they voiced out?

How many will then be arrested between now and 2021? When will the people of Zambia appreciate the Patriotic Front (PF) government with fulfilled promises?




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