King of R&B IZRAEL also known as Exile should reduce on how he is abusing the local beer Junta or Tujilijili.

He spends the whole day drinking Junta at Northmead market.

I also heard his wife Nalu moved away from their matrimonial home to her parents because of the singer’s drinking habits.

The problem is he does Lwanda on an empty stomach.

Please Exile slowdown on those hard stuffs.
Mwape Kelvin
Garden Chilulu.


  1. Nichalo chakaena……Nalu could be the same reason for his lifestyle….jealous of some women gets too far and destroy normal thinking…..we know Nalu is a crazy jealous type….the man had a good future but like most men he picked a wrong woman at a wrong time… Nalu wanted love yachine….Am sure house, money na car baliisangila abene……thats why she’s by her parents….


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