By Felix Mukuka Simuchimba

Four days ago I wrote an article talking about Roan Constituency being a Litmus test for PF and that our Campiagn team should work hard and put up a issue based Campaign. Unfortunately that did not land well on some people who condemned and accused me that I wanted or I want to defect to a Political Party they failed to mention. But sooner than later the vindication has come or I would say somehow the President has Confirmed it in a different way and using different words.

Yesterday I extracted something from Zambian observer which according them were the own Words of H.E the President of the Republic of Zambia Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu

The President had to say about the By-elections in Roan and Bahati Constituencies and I quote!!!


“Our biggest problem is that people who support the PF are too lazy and think that we will win Roan and Bahati seat easily.The number of people who go and vote for the PF has become fewer and fewer,so lets go and encourage people to vote for us. For the lazy ones, let them give us space get rid of them” President Lungu said

What is unfortunate is that it is during the election campaign. We need to live among our people and know what affects them,not just saying its our strong hold. The number of people voting for us keeps on reducing, let us go flat out and Tell people in Roan and Bahati what we have done so that they can give us that vote” President Lungu said.

I will repeat the same words I said, it will not be that easy for PF to win Roan seat and The President is very right when he says people that vote for us PF keep on reducing. I would call The Statement from the Head of State As *A STATEMENT OF FACT* and any PF member who genuinely love the Party should reflect and highly consider what the President has said and work towards it.



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