By Zambian Watch

A kabwe based woman Anita Zanji has told Zambian Watch that she might commit sucide following her n***de pictures going viral on social media.

Ms. Zanji says her life has completely turned upside down such that life has become meaningless to her.

She says her parents are so upset about the videos and pictured circulating on social media such that instead of facing them, she might consider taking her own life.

“I have an idea of people who are trying yo tarnishing my name and image. They have been trying for a long time until now they have succeded. I don’t know what to do or turn to. I think i might just take my life because there is nothing left for me” she said.

Despite being advised by Zambian Watch journalist that her image can still be build than taking her life, Ms. Anita Zanji says there is nothing left for her to live for.

“What is left for me to love for,? Public redicule, insults and possible jail. I think life is so unfair on my side so why must i live. But people from a named blog must pay the price for causing my death” she threatened.

Here is part of the audio Conversation with Zambian Watch journalist.



  1. The best you can do is to repent and ask for forgiveness. Be remorseful and stop cursing people who exposed you.

    Humble yourself and seek God’s righteousness than blaming the people who have exposed. Taking nude pictures and pornograph is sin before God. Indeed a God fearing person can not indulge in those foolish activities.

    I am not judging or condemning you and also do not commit suicide as that will make go straight to hell and face eternal punishment. God is willing to accept you as long as you repent and ask for forgiveness. The wrong things you did are past and today you can still begin afresh and build your character. We love you and God loves you. I can see potential and greatness in you.

  2. But why capturing your butts in the first place? You were proud of them and your body at large. Never take nude pics of yourself and promise yourself that you will just keep them for you and only you!!!!! Mistakes do happen baby. But for what’s worth, you gat it all.
    Don’t take your life Honey. You are pretty, just don’t take your life. Its not the end of the world. They are just pics. Be strong.

  3. Comment: please don’t kill yourself you still have a perfect future.we are sinners no one is perfect dear we just live by the Grace of God.matthew 11:29. call me 0963923010.

  4. You are the reason why Jesus died.Its pipo like you who Jesus is saying come and be my friend.Salvation is by grace my sister.The reason you must not take life.Jesus asked the group that wanted to stone the woman caught in prostitution that whoever has not sinned must throw a stone on her and Every body dropped the stones and left quietly. Shame your critics by not taking your life.Jesus is your saviour.

  5. there is no need of you to take your life you should just humble yourself ask God to forgive and to forgive the person who exposed you cause us seeing your private parts it doesn’t mean that your world has finished no,.this is not the end of the world….kneel down before God repent everything shall be well


  7. You don’t surely look like a really bad girl, I am sure you were only trying to have fun in a wrong way. it will pass and you will be well. just learn from this that being influenced by group isn’t a good thing

  8. Someone help this naive young lady. She is in need right now and do not exploit her situation. We are human beings, she has some close friends and this is the time for those friends to redefine their friendship. To the young lady, shit happens. Be strong as the wind will blow away together with this moment. You can stand up again. Get up and face this. It’s nothing and always trust no one but you. We learn through our short comings and we stand up strong after. You can do this!

  9. Don’t try to kill yourself because of that ka video y K Figo taipaile every day we are seeing pictures of Zodwa Wabantu ninshi taipaila so please my sister I’m begging of you, don’t do that

  10. there is so much hope for the best Anita. God qualifies the unqualified, remember the story of the prostitute who was almost stoned to death. tell me, is there non among them weak who sort to persecute you?
    I know you’ve been a point of lesson to many and a mark, a cornerstone on which a strong mountain can be built.
    Ask for Forgiveness, pray about things, No prayer is little for God. if you believe with your heart, body, soul and mind and confess with your tongue/mouth that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, That He was crucified, and died and that He was raised from the

  11. Comment:hey are you the first person to face this, remember bobby, Iris these guys were in the same situation but time passes,and have stopped talking about the same things and this issue of posting naked thing on media please stop, you are just turnishing your name and your morals

  12. The Bible says, spare a rode a destroy a child. The girl is wrong and she need to be disciplined she knows that taking those pictures and keeping them or sending to anyone is wrong before God, parents and in zambia. These are the people who are busy destroying people’s homes. You should also get the minister

  13. It shall be ok my friend. Not everyone will redicule you. Be strong ny friend and all will be fibe dear. No need to take your life. Life is beautiful and precious that one day you will look back and say life is beautiful dear.

    I wish i had your number and i would have made efforts to come see you my friend. All is not lost dear. Stand firm and be bold. It will pass dear, just that some of us we learn in a hard way.

    Peace be with you Anita

  14. Jesus has never forgotten anybody. Just look to Jesus and will save your soul.

    Dont kill yourself over what you did. Nobody can change your heart but remember that Jesus died for the lost like you and me. Reverse your mind and understand that there are some people who have done more than that and are living in fear of God.
    Repentance is the only solution and look ahead. You may have given a big testimony to many people and thru your act you will influence many souls to also look to Jesus the perfector of our lives.

  15. Comment: Romans 10 vs 9 if you comfess your sins with your mouth that Jesus rose from the dead then you shall be saved . remember that Jesus came for wrong doers so that th y should be right if they acceipt him as a personal lord and savior. some people wanted to Stone that adulterous woman to death then Jesus challenged them that if they have never signed before then they should go ahead and do so . repent and never go back to the same activities again to that again. mathew 7vs 7 seek you shall find and knock the door will be opened for you and a new chapter for a better tommorow. the Bible says that for all have sinned and fall short of the glory if the lord. what you. did was wrong because you were in darkness but now that you are in light there is more hope for a better tommorow because Jesus will save you therefore you shall not die . John 10vs 10 the devil only comes to steal kill and destroy but Jesus has come to give us life in aburndance. may you leave long now that you have be realised that what you did was wrong. call 0976350742 for counselling and guidance if only all should be well in Jesus name and go to any church which believe in Jesus Christ and lord and savior and follows the Bibles teaching correctly . stay blessed sister in Christ

  16. Jesus loves you. Live for Him. If you take your life, you give Satan the victory for achieving what he intended. Your parents will forgive you. Just say sorry to them. Do not curse those who exposed you or the curse will bounce on you. Genesis 12:3; Matthew 5:44. God be with you and give you strength

  17. Comment:In life there r so many temptation my sister and non of us perfect. Accept the change in your life and move on. killing yourself wont help u but will destroy your life forever. Repent and accept God as your personal savior. Dont feel rejected this is just a lesson to your and every person doing such …Ask God to forgive u thank u


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