By Zambian Watch


Patriotic Front Women’s League Charity Katongo banda has taken on social media networks to insult the former Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo by charging that ‘Alibola’ (She is rotten).

In an Audio obtained by Zambian Watch, Ms. Banda has accused Ms. Masebo of passing the HIV pandemic virus to diffrent men in the country.

She has disclosed that Ms. Masebo is a Jezabel who is only interested in destroying other than building.

Ms. Banda says she is also feeling sorry for Real UPND Members and its Leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Audio contains strong language:



  1. What can Zambians expect from a party with such cheap prostitutes as this one as leaders or mere cadres? This audio reminds one of illiterate marketeers at a tarvern fighting over a man. I know Sylvia you are mature and educated, do not bring yourself down to this despicable level, just sue the idiot for libel and defamation.

  2. I get worried of such type of language coming from a leader and a fellow woman for that matter.We need to embrace diversity of views and respect one another.The earth we live in is not our home but a passing place and we prepare to go home.Bitternes yields but language and will take such i individuals to hell.Lets us good language to one another though we have different views or parties. It only shows what type of family we come from.

  3. I am shocked to hear such derogatory words coming from senior political leadership who is supposed to be sober and exemplary. Older people and leaders should lead by good morals that would inspire young people.

    By all means when someone is angered or provoked one should be quick to hear and slow to speak and slow to act. We should learn to forgive and tolerate one another. Vengeance should be left to God, a person you perceive to be an enemy today maybe your helper and saviour tomorrow.

    Anger and reacting furiously by using vulgar language will lead to destroying one’s character and reputation. Bitterness and hatred will never unity people.


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