A WhatsApp chat group calling itself ‘PF Countrywide’ has stated that a series of election victories by the ‘opposition’ in the region coupled with the win by Tshisekedi in the DRC should be a wake up call for the PF. The group claims the regional opposition momentum is being pushed and supported by an ‘axis of evil’ of a clandestine alliance composed of complex business interests by Anglo America in Africa.

“What we don’t understand or rather choose to ignore is the fact that opposition parties in African countries exchange notes and have formed an alliance. East and West African serving Presidents call it the ‘Axis of Evil’.
Like it or not, Congo’s Tshisekedi is friends with our own opposition leader here. Knowing truly that Cyril Rhamaphosa is also in boots with HH and Anglo American, and Tanzania’s President is also having come from opposition”.

‘PF Countrywide’ urged the governing party to begin to ‘impress’ voters as the ‘Axis of Evil’ will play a huge role in protecting the vote for the opposition.

“This axis will play a huge role in protecting the vote for the opposition and trust me, we shall dance ‘pelete’ if not careful”, wrote a blogger.

Meanwhile the group has called on President Lungu to open his eyes and see the wind of change blowing around him as PF was not safe anymore.

“Its a well known fact that he can’t win 2021 General Election if those who surround him continue misbehaving. Zambians don’t eat the people who surround the President, Zambians are looking for service delivery”.

And the same chat group has warned of grave consequences to PF members should the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema be elected as President of Zambia.

Early last year, PF Secretary General Davis Mwila cautioned PF members not to allow Hichilema the Republican Presidency because he would all lock them up for various corrupt activities they had committed. The message was repeated by his Deputy Mumbi Phiri in an apparent strategy to induce fear in the membership.

The chat group described Hakainde Hichilema as being very bitter for having been falsely incarcerated and that he would consequently avenge by locking all of them up.

“HH has no heart, he has our names laminated trust me the level of hate in these UPND people ‘lwenu’. If it means rigging again, let’s rig”.

Below are excerpts of the WhatsApp group:


What we don’t understand or rather chose to ignore is the fact that Opposition parties in African countries exchange notes and have indeed formed an alliance. East and West African serving presidents call it *the axis of evil.

Like it or not, Congo’s Tshikedi is friends with our own Opposition leader here. Knowing truly that Cyril Rhamaposa is also in boots with HH (Anglo America 🤷🏾‍♂) and Tanzania’s also having come from the opposition , you will realize we are surrounded by the very axis of evil.

We ought to be very careful with 2021 and it all must begin by impressing the voters.

This axis will play a huge role in protecting the vote for the opposition and trust me , we shall dance pelete if not careful.


[10/01, 13:51] ‪+27 73 132 1419‬: Boss am the policeman from airport police check point but am in sesheka send people cause they have imported carders from Livingston.pf for life good day.
[10/01, 13:52] ‪+27 73 132 1419‬: Just received this text from an officer who works in Lusaka but has been deployed in sesheke for the bye elections

[10/01, 14:00] ‪+260 97 5040042‬: This can be true because Lstone..is near to sesheko and after they lost mangango sesheke will be something else
[10/01, 14:23] Pf Venny Kabamba: President lungu must open his eyes and see the wind of change blowing around him,the PF is not safe anymore

[10/01, 14:50] ‪+27 71 799 1774‬: Its a well known fact….he cant win 2021 General Elections if those who surrounds him continue misbehaving
[10/01, 14:52] Pf Venny Kabamba: Zambians don’t eat the people who surround the president Zambians are looking for a good service delivery

[10/01, 14:54] ‪+260 97 5695848‬: Such a timely advise ll go to deaf ears because our leaders are being fooled not knowing that the electorates are crying!
[10/01, 15:02] ‪+27 71 799 1774‬: He has lost touch with the people that voted for him all because of those people that surrounds him,we can’t continue escorting people to luxury….

[10/01, 15:02] Pf kapechino: our leaders only open there ears 2 us wen ts election time the are our leaders then but after we vote 4 them the start 2 dictate wen n how d want 2 listen 2 us chibi sana 😡😡😡😡
[10/01, 15:17] Pf Venny Kabamba: Copper belt is divided and boss must wake up and sit the factions down,let’s not just be telling things wrongly because a fellow youth won awe takwaba umushi wabula abakalamba

[10/01, 15:19] ‪+260 96 6313886‬: We all know things are not going well in the copperbelt but that shouldn’t be the reason of not been hopeful with the coming of the new executive. Been positive sometimes is good…

[10/01, 15:20] Pf Venny Kabamba: Its good to be realistically positive then just positive when the signs and happenings are before you
[10/01, 15:24] Pf Venny Kabamba: Yes but the divisions are visible let’s not run away from the truth

[10/01, 15:27] ‪+260 97 5088341‬: Ala upnd taking over power kutipatwibaya. This is why even last night I said its time to unite and work towards getting power in 2021 napapata
[10/01, 15:28] Pf Venny Kabamba: They will spend 2 years just killing PF members
[10/01, 15:28] ‪+260 97 3727272‬: Nomba nga taba leumfwa kuchita shani?

[10/01, 15:29] Pf Venny Kabamba: Its your life at stake
[10/01, 15:29] ‪+260 97 5088341‬: Elo remember the days we locked up HH in chimbwalaili he wants to revenge that one. Ala let’s work together mwandi

[10/01, 15:30] Pf Venny Kabamba: He has our names laminated trust me the level of hate in these upnd people lwenu
[10/01, 15:31] ‪+260 97 5088341‬: Kukaba ukunya ameshi that guy is bitter we can’t even for once be careless and allow him to rule us
[10/01, 15:33] Pf Venny Kabamba: Yesterday around 23hrs I was rounded by a man who claimed i had him fired and he openly said mukachimona upnd is really bitter

[10/01, 15:35] ‪+260 97 3727272‬: What we need to find is a solution!You we talk plenty without conclusion!we need to speak solutions like come 2021 we going to support ABCD in position HIJK!
That’s what we need to be talking about I guess.

[10/01, 15:39] ‪+260 96 6654984‬: We should not Even wish HH to be president, these men and women from UPND are cruel,don’t expect anything good from them,if they can refuse to be part of the 18th October prayers, what will stop them from using the mapatizya formula.

[10/01, 15:40] Pf Venny Kabamba: Zambians will cry if ever they make hh president
[10/01, 15:43] Pf Venny Kabamba: I have attended upnd meetings trust me these guys are tribal beyond

[10/01, 15:43] ‪+260 97 2314022‬: They are very tribal. HH inclusive. I know HH more than most people who claim to know him. The man is tribal selfish and self centered.
[10/01, 15:44] Pf Venny Kabamba: HH is a pure tribalist and a very violent guy in mind

[10/01, 15:46] ‪+260 97 2314022‬: As PF we should work to ensure we secure our votes in 2021 and gain more. Losing power to HH will be the worst thing. We will feel the worst pain even worse than the MMD felt in 2011!

HH has no heart he will fix people with the powers he will have. Let’s go back and work guys
[10/01, 15:47] Pf Venny Kabamba: If it means rigging again, let’s just rig hh ena awe

[10/01, 15:47] ‪+260 96 2790970‬: I agree with you, so it’s high time we must trust KZ and other few …….
[10/01, 15:47] ‪+260 97 2314022‬: He will run directly to Kamwala prison awaiting deportation

[10/01, 16:14] ‪+27 71 799 1774‬: People should stop comforting themselves,learn from congo,the ruling party tryd to play tricks but they failed,rigging can be there but the will of the people will prevail.
[10/01, 16:16] Pf Venny Kabamba: If we are honest with ourselves we must be open and say the truth no party in the history if the world has ever brought development the way PF has done it in a shirt space of time but we don’t appreciate because people want food and shelter.




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