PLEASE President Edgar Lungu, kwateniko inkhumbu kubalanda, Chishimba Kambwili has pleaded.

And Kambwili has warned that the economy will ground to a halt if the CEC/Zesco bulk-supplying contract is not renewed.

Addressing the media in Lusaka yesterday, the National Democratic Congress leader pleaded with President Lungu to pay retirees who gather both at Cabinet office and Ministry of Justice.

Kambwili lamented that it has been five months since the retirees started gathering at the two premises to press for their dues but the government had given them a death ear.

“Please, look at the plight of the retirees who gather both at cabinet office and Ministry of Justice. Look at the plight of those poor people, balelokwa ne mfula everyday, it has been five months now they have camped there…kwena nangu tamwakwata uluse (even if you don’t have mercy),” Kambwili lamented.
He noted that government easily finds monies for by-elections but fails to pay retirees who gave their service to the country.

“Please, pay them, abantu bacula, please President Edgar Lungu and your cabinet, kwateniko inkhumbu kuli balya abalanda (have mercy on those poor retirees).”

Kambwili further warned of problems running the mining industry on the Copperbelt if the CEC/Zesco bulk-supplying contract was not renewed.

He added that a month before the CEC/Zesco bulk-supplying contract expires, the government was just grossing over the important matter.

“The other day we heard that the Central Committee of the PF has given the Energy Minister two weeks to resolve the issues…really what has the PF central committee got to do with the running of government? Central committee cant directly instruct the Energy Minister, he reports to the President, it is the President who is supposed to instruct the minister, not the central committee of PF, all this is playing politics,” he said.

“We are tired of playing unnecessary politics. Let us for once do things that are going to uplift the living standards of our people. Are you telling me that all companies where there are opposition political figures will not do business in this country? No no no, I think we are losing it. I want to warn the government, this CEC/Zesco issue will ground this economy to a halt if not well handled so let’s stop playing politics. Central committee of PF has nothing to do with it; it is the President, cabinet and the minister to speak to Zesco quickly to have the supply contract renewed. I know that there were certain terms that were not favourable to Zesco but that can be sorted out, you can agree to disagree,” Kambwili said.

He added that saying Zesco will take over the supply of power to the Copperbelt was not easy but complicated issue.

Meanwhile, Kambwili warned Konkola Copper Mines liquidator Milingo Lungu to stop running the mine like a PF project.

Commenting of the transfer of two KCM workers from Chingola to Nampundwe Mine, Kambwili alleged that Lungu was being used by the PF to frustrate the opposition.

NDC Copperbelt chairman Chipoka Mulenga, an Engineer at KCM and Democratic Party’s Judith Kabemba, who is in the Mines Social Corporate social responsibility have been transferred to Nampundwe because they are members of the opposition.

He wondered why the two have been moved to a mine, which does not have their current positions.

“I want to appeal to the liquidator of KCM Mr Milingo Lungu to behave. I want to warn you that behave in the manner KCM…KCM is not a PF property, it is a national asset that belongs to the people of Zambia. Already all contracts at KCM are being given to PF connected companies and now you have decided to start transferring all opposition political figures in KCM to Nampundwe mine, this must be stopped,” Kambwili said.

“Last year I did warn KCM when Milingo did a Memo that all those who belong to KCM will be fired but we warned them and they withdrew that memo but two days ago he started transferring them. Our provincial chairman Mr Chipoka Mulenga, an Engineer, has been transferred to Nampundwe where there is no position for him, comrade Judith Kabemba, the DP spokesperson who is in the Social corporate responsibility has been transferred to Nampundwe also and this department is only at head office.”

Kambwili said Milingo should immediately rescind the decision to transfer the four opposition members.

He warned Milingo not to attach politics in the running of KCM by frustrating qualified workers for cadres of the ruling party.

Kambwili said failure to rescind the decision to transfer the said workers he would take legal action against the liquidator.



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