Elijah Temboh

I’m a layman and I usually find it a bit shaking everytime I hear about people crossing camps especially from UPND to PF. What disheartens me is the way the UPND camp is downplaying this whole thing.

Instead of focusing on finding a solution on how to end the departure of these key members and MPs. The party channels all it’s energy accusing the PF of buying its members. To tell you the truth, these members have some better reasons for defecting which are beyond money. And to me frustration is what is at play. You can’t buy loyal disciples with money, only frustrated ones and bally needs to quickly interven so that the lasting solution is found before he is left alone.

The earlier the UPND leadership and followers accept that things are not okay, the better because they will look for solutions to end the problem. But if they can keep comforting themselves that things are okay within the party, the moment they will realise that things are bad it will be too late. Downplaying the people that defect won’t help the UPND camp at all because these key members that are leaving the party have influence on atleast 5 members from within the party either at ward or constituency level that are likely to defect with them.

Bally must fix the party first before his claims to fix the economy can be taken seriously. He can’t win an election alone at this time. He needs influential people who are politicians by name and by heart. If it will mean him going flat out to buy the likes of Hon Bowman Lusambo please do so and if you fail that’s when you will realise that where there is loyalty money is useless and it can only become useful where members are frustrated.

Be reminded that it is not everytime that history repeats itself. I have heard many comments from the UPND camp saying even during the time of Mr Rupiah Banda, President Sata suffered some big blows kept losing by elections but he won the general elections. Let me tell you, things have changed nowadays, no wonder even football teams like Zimbabwe, Namibia that we used to beat on both paper and on the pitch are able to beat us. This is the same thing which will happen. Just because the cost of living has gone high should not give you a guarantee that people will vote for you automatically. The PF has also brought massive infrastructure development. So for one to dislodge them, you needs a GORILLA strategy and that first thing is having a good team of influential politicians around you.

They say winning starts from within not outside. So boss mend the loopholes within the party before Hon Davies Mwila aka ULUSATO, GBM, Charles Kakoma and Moonga dismantle you. Mind you all those that leave your party vow to dismantle you and if you can’t wake up now and do something about it, they will succeed cleanly.

Lastly, Steven Masumba joins your party, your followers see it as a plus which might be to you but to me it’s not. Compare the position Masumba held in PF to the one Mr Kakoma held in UPND. Masumba can have influence at district level but Mr Kakoma has influence at National level as such be careful when downplaying these figures.



  1. Listen once and for all. These two guys who have left UPND are people who weighed themselves against the quality of leaders emerging to take up the fight to emancipate Zambia. Please compare Charles Kakoma and Cornelius Mweetwa for the job of party spokesperson. Mweetwa was Kakoma’s assistant and we as members knew that Kakoma was loading it on Mweetwa surely Bally should give it to Mweetwa for God’s sake. Kakoma was given a portfolio he could exercise his talent properly. He is not up to the nick. Overrating one’s self is dangerous. Let him go.
    For this other guy, surely you do not abandon your electorate only to resurface for nomination! It does not happen in UPND. Let him behave like that in PF. In UPND the voters are the bosses.


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