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Today 14th January marks exactly Nine years since the painful ‘Black and Bloody Friday’ of January 14, 2011, when Rupiah Bwezani Banda and the Zambian police forces ran amok on the peaceful and humble streets of Mongu and Barotseland, maiming, killing and arresting hundreds of its nationals. For simply holding a view that Barotseland was a nation and that its rights must be respected.

According to reports as pre-empted by Dr Roger Chongwe who was tasked by the Zambian State to undertake a commission of inquiry into the Mongu killing , in 2012 under then-president Michael Sata, revealed that on that fateful day of January 14th, of 2019. 19 people including a child under 10 years were killed directly in cold blood or as a direct result of the raid by government security agents, all at the instruction of Mr Rupiah Banda, then President of Zambia. Following that, more than 200 people across Barotseland were arrested and tortured, charged with high treason and seditious practices, only to be released some three months later without any trial or compensation for wrongful and torturous incarcerations. It is further rumoured that in Senanga, lies a mass grave in which several Barotse nationals were buried. More than 15 youths are still unaccounted to-date.

And today in remembering this day several shops and business across Barotseland have been closed as nationals are mourning and conducting prayers in various places and churches to mourn and remember her nationals.

In remembering this day, In a statement to the people of Barotseland, Barotseland special envoy for international relations Hon. Bright Nyambe said: ” 14th January We shall never forget, We have not forgotten and we will never ever forget. We will not tire from pursuing justice for those and many souls whose lives were lost for a straightforward issue. BRE’s cowardice continues to be a great concern in our engagements with the world. But we shall never fail”.

Meanwhile, Kay Wa Austin A.K.A. Akende kakwete wrote: “January 14#
For the love of the country,they accepted death and who die for thier country shall fill an honourd grave,for glory lights the soldier’s tomb and beauty weeps the grave#On this day some yrs back ,my cousin was shot#survived#Lives wr lost n pipo Arrested#RestorationTreaty#
Kuku has continued wit the struggle”

Muyunda Makala, Secretary of the BRE youths, posting on his Facebook page also wrote: “14th January will never pass without speaking to our hearts of who we are, what we under went through and what we are supposed to do.
Tears my dry but memories shall always be fresh.
We shall never forget”

Zambia Socialist party, Mwala Kalaluka also wrote:
Nine years since the January 14, 2011 Mongu Barotseland-agreement massacre by Zambia Police ‘criminals against humanity’, allow me to share my January 14 Moment.
Bullets rained, men and boys handcuffed for merely being found on the road to Limulunga
Blood from the fatally wounded Lozis flowed, forming cascading streams across the beautiful homeland of Barotseland.
Men fell from the quick firepower of the Kalashnikovs and with ferocious grins on their hooded faces, the ZP mercenaries sent many a boy/man to their early graves.
Mission accomplished, the rascals from Rupiah Banda moved to the next stage of their criminal facade – treason, conduct likely to cause the breach of the peace and seditious intention
Lusaka, Mumbwa and Kabwe became our domain for many a moon. Our jailers playing sly smiles on their contorted faces locked us inside the dark and smelly hovels
Our brothers died painful deaths, nothing different from the culling of rabid dogs. The villages are empty, the homes deserted and the voices of those that spoke to us melodiously forever silenced
You won. Yes, you sadists won on that day. You massacred us. You sapped life from us. You won. Yes, you gun-totting thugs won. But tomorrow we are responding to your acts of banditry and political thuggery
Unlike you, we have no Kalashnikovs. We only have our mind and soon the volleys are coming towards you
My January 14 moment ends here. The next one will be My January 17 Moment…
# Sikalamunanga sa metu siwaba sili a metu…”

The Barotse in the diaspora, Sakuya Mwiko Wa Ñubulile, also wrote:
“14th January, the day of tears in Barotseland… the day that stirs fury in the hearts of the barotse……. the day that brings a burning desire to liberate my land from captors…. the day that tests the power in every son and daughter of the black bull….the day that makes me know and love who I am….the day that will make my enemies run for their lives…. 👡 heartbreaking day for all well meaning Barotseland citizens….. 🐽the day that persuades me to take up arms against my enemies…. the day to remember our fallen heroes and comrades and say your death wasn’t in vain….the day to fly the Barotseland flag of freedom even higher….. the day that unites the barotse people from all walks of life for Barotseland independence is eminent. #VivaBarotseland”



  1. This shall remain a crime against humanity. The international community should take preventative action so that cases of this nature never happen again. Rupia Banda should answer charges at the international Court of Justice. It is sad that that his the Minister of Home Affairs M’kondo Lungu past away without this case takes to appropriate courts.


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