Justice Minister and Bill 10 ‘ambassador’ Given Lubinda recently failed to tell the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) where his village is located in Barotseland.

And Barotseland may commence steps to ‘break’ away from Zambia if the controversial Bill 10 is passed, sources at Limulunga have indicated.

Lubinda was recently on a Bill 10 mission in Limulunga accompanied by Attorney General Likando Kalaluka in the PF s continued bid to convince the BRE to back Bill 10 and to assure them that ‘anti’ Litunga and Barotseland clauses will be removed from the original Bill 10.
The Barotse Kuta however did not spare the two and after Lubinda could not even indicate where he comes from in Barotseland, he was warned to stop speaking for Barotseland while Likando Kalaluka was warned to stop supporting legislation that is only meant to mutilate Barotseland. Kalaluka was further reminded that his father had served Barotseland faithfully.

The BRE was only ready to support the Bill if controversial clauses were dropped and additionally if the Zambian government was ready to dialogue on the long standing Barotseland Agreement impasse.

Sources within Limulunga have told the Zambian Watchdog that should the Zambian government pass the controversial Bill 10 then they will have no choice but to start implementing the 2012 Barotseland National Council (BNC) resolutions were it was unanimously voted that Barotseland should ‘breakaway’ from Zambia and revert to its pre-1964 status as a separate country following Zambia’s repeated refusal to restore the 1964 Agreement that would have allowed Barotseland to continue being a part of Zambia with some form of autonomy and its own parliament as was the case before 1964 and as envisaged in the abrogated Agreement.

The Katengo legislative Council (parliament) was forcefully abolished by Kaunda in 1965 and one Induna Namunda (Mr Katanekwa Indopu) was detained without trial at Wilima prison in Kasama for resisting the Katengo abolition and the seizure of the Barotse treasury by the Zambian government

Source: Zambian Watchdog



  1. Those who the Gods want to punish the first make them confused and mad. It is amazing that Lubinda does not even remember or know his village in Barotseland.

  2. Given Lubinda knows the Lozi language and carries a Lozi surname. He has even been one of the paddlers on the Nalikwanda, the Litunga’s royal badge on some Kuombokas in the past. That’s where his connection to Barotseland ends because he did not grow up there. He’s more of Lenje than Lozi so forgive him if he doesn’t know any village in Barotseland.

  3. Given Lubinda must drop the name Lubinda and ask his father to name him Given Unfortunate because he is a disgrace to Lozis and all western people.
    He will never be trusted even if all these passes away and asks for forgiveness it shall be just a lip service he has caused more harm to Zambians than ever. He has no heart for Zambians. That is why late Sata dropped him because he saw in him at nimuzungu beleeh


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