By Njekwa Nawa

I must admit I feel jealous when I see Zambian political parties pull crowds in Barotseland.

How can we in Barotseland produce a mass movement that will see everyone reject Zambian politics?

How can we have our activist groups come together and speak one voice of liberation?

If it’s funding the obstacle, then who’s funding the Zambian politicians/ political parties? (obviously excluding the ruling party because they plunder public resources)

Something has to change. When we defend the sovereignty of Barotseland it’s because it is and without doubt deserves better. Our youths need to appreciate where they come from and where they are going. It’s the youths that fight. It’s the youths that defend the weak in the society. Youths of Barotseland should think twice. Why die defending an oppressor political party like PF while where the need is great like Barotseland liberation you shy away? Is it cowardice or slave mentality?

How did the mighty apartheid regime fall despite having all the powers compared to liberation movements ANC?

How did South Sudan finally get its independence?

If Barotseland was in Europe, our independence would have been given a long time without confrontation. Just like EU accepted Britain leaving them. However, with Zambia it has to take an extra ordinary event. Should I say when somethings die, somethings are born.

Barotseland needs to be rescued from tyrants and criminals of Zambia. It requires all of us to sacrifice.

Picture file: Munyinda Munukayumbwa , Barotseland Political Activist.


  1. The issue of Barotseland is bigger than we think. Our fathers at independence did it all. They mixed two countries and two people. It is now very difficult to follow that agreement between Cecil Rhodes and through his envoy Lochner and King Lubosi/King Lewanika who gave the land he never possessed and whose end he could not see.

  2. The best way is to have a government that can bring development in western province just as the other provinces are being developed. Not this PF government.


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