Bayport has temporarily stopped giving loans because PMEC hasn’t remitted their money for a period of 4 months.

Popularly known Known as Uncle Bayport by many civil servants, the lending institution proved to be the best money lender institution in Zambia.


  1. Equally PASCO has withdrawn services to all clients under Premier Medical Services scheme because PMEC has not remitted our contribution to Premier Medical Services. Last week my son was very sick but PASCO refused to treat my son on grounds that Premier Medical Services has not settled some outstanding bills. I went to a nearby clinic where I was told there was no medicine, I was given a prescription to go buy the medicine.
    Let us reason here, the government fails to remit funds for our health, the same government fails to stock government clinics with medicines, the same government refuses to have us treated at the Fee-paying where there is medicine, expecting Premier Medical Services do some magic to raise money for our treatment. By the way we have been contributing quiet some colossal amounts for a long time. Now that you want to access treatment you are told government has not been remitting the funds.
    What else is the government’s position other than intending to kill its citizens? Where is this government taking us.
    I am told workers at PMS have not been paid for four months now. I have also gathered that the scheme is a Zambian business, so if it was foreign the government wouldn’t been hesitating paying. This is the syndrome of the PF government, ‘ kill all Zambian businesses and promote foreign ones’. Shame indeed.


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