According to Ghadafi Kudi

Im the ambassador/alumnus of maharishi markandeshwar university.
This university is not a good for studies. They lacks managerial skills. The administration officials suck at providing services to students. Lectures are in Hindi with minimum English though exams are written in English. They will frustrate, stress you.

Every year the university send a representative to come enroll students in Zambia. The representative works in hand with agents from Zambia. The name of the representative is Rashmi Garg. This woman can be friendly to you when she is in your country. But once you leave your territory forget her being friendly to you. While in Zambia she will be showing you videos of a hotel and she be like these will be your hostels. She will show you food that is being prepared in hotels and food routine just to win your heart.

She will tell you that you will pay school fees in installments but guess what its just a way of persuading you.
Once you come at maharishi markandeshwar university here are the things you gotta experience.

1. Hindi lectures
2. For Medical course no proper assessments of patients/ little time for practical exposure .
3. They will need you to pay whole school fees before mid of the year.
They also tell you to pay 50 percent of next year school fees before writing exams.
4. They will tell you that accommodation fees will cater food, shelter and electricity. But before you write exams they tell you to pay an extra amount of electricity bill at an exorbitant charges.

5. If you face financial constraints they will chuck you out of the hostel even when its midnight and Rashmi is responsible for all this nonsense.
5. If you have a balance of less than 200 dollars they will never allow you you to attend classes and even write exams.

6. They will not allow you to go out the hostel once you have money for survivals. They will keep you in the hostel and the accommodation fees it keeps accumulating.
7. The administration skills is bad and their aim is not to educate students but to spoil the future of the students.
8. The administration believes people from africa has got alot of money hence every charges or bills are capitalized on that.

9. Alot of international student at this university are stressed out because very few are allowed to attend classes . I have friends who are in this situation.
10. If you go out of the hostel they will make you fail.
They are blood suckers, money suckers.

In Lusaka, Rashmi’s agent is Constance and in Copperbelt (kitwe) its Gin kelvin (not sure about the spelling ).
Apparently, Rashmi is in Zambia at protea hotel. Enrolling students.

Due to the same nonsense it is now called maharishi markandeshwar deemed to be university.
So if you have a family member, a friend who wanna persue studies at money making deemed to be university (mmdu) tell them to look for better university. If you want your friend to be at mmdu stressed, depressed and stranded tell them to go there.
I wouldn’t want any beautiful soul to go through what my friends and i went through.
Please share. Lets spread the information.



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