A 31 years old Farmer has appeared in Court for allegedly battering his wife who is a teacher after she took home a cut salary following a loan she had acquired without the husband’s knowledge.

In this matter, Simwami Alupi is appearing before the Choma Fast Track Court for Gender Based Violence charged with Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm contrary to section 248 Chapter 87 of the Penal Code of the Laws Of Zambia.

Allegations are that Alupi assaulted his wife Sililo Mubita and thereby occasioning her actual bodily harm.

The battering is alleged to have occurred on December 29, 2020 in Choma when Sililo a Teacher allegedly failed to avail the full salary to her husband because she acquired a loan from a lending institution which made her husband upset thinking she was hiding the money.

When he was called to take plea before Resident Magistrate Ethel Phiri by Public Prosecutor Mathews Sichilima, the accused person vehemently denied the charge.

The matter was adjourned to January 12, 2021 for commencement of trial. Alupi was remanded in custody.



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