Their is social media debate on who has more influence between PF cadre and Tumfweko media editor John Chanda Chiimba and XYZ chairman Slapdee.

Chanda is bitter at Slapdee saying the XYZ rapper is stupid and childish for blocking him on his fan page.

According to the information gathered by #MwebantuZambia Slapdee and Chanda John once fought for a lady identified as Katongo Music who is based in the UK.
They all wanted a piece of her Bufcake but in the process fought a cold war.

Chanda John claims he is behind the success of XYZ rapper Slapdee because it is through his connections in the media that enabled Slapdee to be known by Zambians.

Chanda John has demanded for some respect from Slapdee or he will be forced to push his fame to dust.

In response Slapdee claims Chanda is a jealous and frustrated person trying to bring him down.-Mwebantu Zambia



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