A Chongwe resident is said to have died in Chipata during Nc’wala traditional ceremony on Saturday due to excessive beer drinking.

Eastern Province police commissioner Luckson Sakala said the deceased was pronounced dead upon arrival at Chipata Central Hospital from Mtenguleni where he was attending the Nc’wala traditional ceremony of the Ngonis.
“There was also a gentleman who came from Chongwe, this gentleman died on the way to Chipata Central Hospital from Mtenguleni where he was picked by friends because of excessive beer drinking. We suspect that this gentleman could have died out of excessive consumption of alcohol,” Sakala said.

He also said 12 people were arrested for theft and aggravated robbery during the Nc’wala ceremony.

“Twelve people were arrested for various offences. Most of the cases that we recorded during Nc’wala ceremony were theft of mobile phones. We had quite a number of people whose mobile phones were stolen especially at the entrance of the arena where people were trying to get in and get out so in the process, these criminals took advantage and started snatching phones from people’s pockets and handbags. Most of those arrested were facing cases of theft except for two who have been charged with aggravated robbery,” said Sakala.



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