Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles has revealed he has breast cancer.

The 67-year-old made the revelation during an interview with Michael Strahan, which is set to air on Good Morning America on Wednesday.

Breast cancer in men is rare: more than 99 percent of all breast cancer cases diagnosed are in women. The odds that a man gets breast cancer are 1,000 to one.

Mathew revealed his diagnosis on the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness month, which runs through October.

In a teaser for the interview, Strahan ask Beyoncé and Solange’s father about how he broke the news to his daughters.

‘How was it to tell your family about the diagnosis?’ Strahan asks.

Mathew is a record executive and talent manager who oversaw Destiny’s Child’s stratospheric rise.

He quit his day job in 1995 as a medical equipment salesman to actively pursue his daughter’s career in the spotlight.


It is exceedingly rare for men to get breast cancer, but possible, and when they do they are more at risk of dying of the disease.

Although men never develop milk ducts in their breasts as women do, they do have breast tissue, and the cells that makes up that tissue can become cancerous.

That said, men of course have far less breast tissue than their female counterparts, so the odds that any of that those cells multiply out of control are lower.

An estimated one percent of new cases of breast cancer every year in the US are diagnosed in men, about one in 1,000 of whom develop the disease.

That amounts to about 2,000 new male breast cancer cases a year, and between 500 and 800 deaths – compared to nearly 270,000 new cases and over 41,000 deaths among women.

Still, the fatality rate among men is higher among men.

While nearly 91 percent of women who develop breast cancer are still living five years later, 84 percent of men live the same amount of time after diagnosis.

This disparity in survival rates is mostly due to few non-biological factors.

Men are less likely to be aware they can get breast cancer, so they may not know to even look for the signs.

Changes to men’s minimal breast tissue are often more subtle, and even if they do notice, many men are embarrassed.

Most breast tumors in men form under the nipple or areola, where there tends to be a little more tissue.

Signs of male breast cancer are similar to those that occur in women: a lump, knot or portion of the tissue that feels thicker and may be tender, irritation, nipple indentation, dimpling or puckering and discharge.

Men can carry either BRCA gene, but BRCA2 leaves them particularly predisposed to breast cancer.

The average age at diagnosis is 65, and men with other excess breast tissue, high levels of estrogen or those who are overweight are at greater risk.


He recently revealed he has a close bond with his daughters, saying earlier this year: ‘I have a great relationship as a father with not just Beyoncé, but people forget I have this talented, gifted kid named Solange, who is a Grammy winner and has had a number one album. People tend to think she does not exist.

‘It’s not a daily dialogue. Daughters tend to always gravitate to their moms more than their dads. I think it’s pretty standard in the universe, my relationship.’

And Mathew admits he used to find it difficult to switch from being a manager to being a father, but says his ‘mistakes’ are not things he would change about his life.

He added: ‘The most challenging thing was separating and walking the line from manager to father. That’s very difficult in the music industry. If I had to do it all over again, I would change nothing because I believe failure is an opportunity to grow, not a reason to quit. Most people when they make mistakes, they want to quit rather than learn from it.’

In a 2011 interview with The Mirror, former Destiny’s Child bandmember LaTavia Roberson recalled grueling practice sessions under Mathew’s watchful eye.

‘We used to call him Joe Jackson,’ she said. ‘It’s not like he beat us with his belt or anything, but he was very strict. Beyonce was the only one brave enough to stand up to him.



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