By L. Numukolo

Mwananyanda Yeta who is the Son to senior chief Inyambo Yeta of Mwandi Kuta, who some days ago refuted the articles that were published on both The Diggers newspaper and The Mast has today revealed that the bill 10 is not evil.

After the newspaper quoted him in supporting Bill 10 , he came on social media and refuted the allegations and said it was not true. But today he has again come out this way…

Read for yourself…..

As we all know that the Constitution Amendment Bill No 10 debate will resume today in Parliament, I urge you folks to follow the proceedings as they unfold.


Is the Constitution Amendment Bill No 10 of 2019 a bad Law?
Absolutely, it is a bad Law that if passes on the floor of Parliament, it may bring even further animosity currently prevailing in our country.
Is the Constitution Amendment Bill No 10 of 2019 an evil Law?

I do not think so. Something which is evil is condemned in all aspect. I have heard those opposing bill 10 recommending certain Clauses therein as progressive and good. Therefore, I don’t think calling it evil is ideal.

I therefore reiterate my earlier true meaning statement I made in Bulozi Land that, it is my earnest appeal to our traditional leaders to sit down our members of Parliament, be it the ruling PF or the opposition UPND, INDEPENDENTS and other political parties represented in Parliament to put the NATIONAL INTEREST FIRST before their political agendas.

What therefore do I mean when I say NATIONAL INTEREST? If it is the will of the Zambian People to the Bill passed, so be it. If it is the will of the Zambian People to have it withdrawn, so be it. That is being patriotic to your country because Members of Parliament exist in that house because of people who elects them. I also urge our Members of Parliament to exercise their INDEPENDENT JUDGEMENT away from their political positions. Let them ask themselves these questions, If I was to take this decision am about to make, will it be in the best interest of the country? What could be the repercussions of my decision? Etc.

In conclusion, I want to urge you colleagues to spend time to read this Bill if at all you haven’t read it yet. Get the copy of our current Constitution and the proposed Bill No 10, see what the Bill seeks to amend in the current Constitution. That way you will appreciate everything well



  1. See this for what it rearly is meant for…….do not do things to appease the public. Our freedom is at stake. ..mwendi mukuze feela ndate.

  2. The Prince is talking like that after reading the contents of Bill 10. Now, you are in the dark and you are rejecting some thing that will bring the same freedom to your door steps. What type of a citizen are you. Shame!


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