Bishop Chihana’s health starts falling apart as he goes on with his 60 days of prayer and fasting

THE health of Bishop Simon Chihana— the leader of the International Fellowship for Christian Churches appears to be in a bad state.

Bishop Chihana is currently observing 60 days of prayer and fasting. As at today, he has fasted for around 45 days.

“There is trouble on earth. Reason for long fasting,” he said.
Bishop Chihana also appealed to Christians to join him in prayers saying there was trouble in many countries.

But some pastors close to Bishop Chihana who sought anonymity said the clergyman’s health is falling apart as a result of not eating as he should.

“He is a good man. We all love him. And personally I admire his courage and he is a man who is always fighting for what is right regardless of the consequences. I just feel for his health. At his age, it’s very important for him not to risk his healthy in the manner he is doing. He is pushing himself beyond certain limits and as a result his health is falling apart. I am really praying for him and I know he is going to finish this program fit. I hope so,” said a pastor close to Bishop Chihana.

On October 11, 2016, Bishop Chihana announced that he will no longer comment on politics as he wanted to concentrate on preaching the gospel.
Attached are the BEFORE and AFTER pictures of Bishop Chihana.

[The Church Newspaper would like to wish Bishop Chihana God’s blessings and all the very best as he draws near to the 60th day mark]


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