A few years back information surfaced in public domain that Edward Chomba was not a Bishop and could be wanted in the USA over a felony. Only last week Newsdiggers informed the nation that, according to their investigations, Edward Chomba does not have doctorate degrees from Princeton and Oxford universities respectively.

When Diggers contacted him, Chomba could only say that his ‘universities’ can’t give out his information without his permission. What kind of thinking and lying is this? If Chomba was anywhere near any education system, he could have known that universities, colleges and professional boards are always giving out information on people’s qualifications all the time without recourse to the ‘owners’ to use his language.

And if anything qualifications always remain the property and prerogative of the issuing institutions. If Chomba was educated, he would have known that.

But how did Chomba end up as PS at such an important ministry as water development with such a questionable past and qualifications? How did President Lungu appoint such a man to such a portfolio. How sure are we that Chomba is not lying and cutting corners in his daily tasks as PS since he is a habitual liar?

Chomba’s ministry is at the centre of ensuring that we have a proper and extensive water and sewerage system in this country. Which system should help eliminate perennial water borne outbreaks like cholera and others. What hope is there of such developments when this key ministry is manned by people like Edward Chomba?

But this is what has become of President Lungu’s administration. President Lungu has opted to surround himself with crooks, thugs and incompetents. In a country of 14 million people it is difficult to understand why a President would put state power in the hands of questionable characters. Maybe it’s for political expedience.

Ordinary people are being persecuted everyday for uttering false documents and obtaining pecuniary advantage. But will President Lungu fire Edward Chomba and hand him over to law enforcement to be tried under the appropriate laws of our land? That we doubt very much.




  1. In his now predictable fashion the president will not react These are the things we should be revisiting and include them in the impeachment motion.Instead of protecting the nation’s interest our president will most likely side with this con


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