Dr. Canisius Banda posted a photo of himself on his Facebook wall but was shortly taken down.

The photo shocked his friends and fans but he has not given any explanation to why it was posted on his wall or why it was taken down. There speculations that he might have accidentally posted it. Dr. Canisius Banda is former opposition UPND Vice-President


  1. I have got no comments on this photo but i look forward to hearing from him weather it’s really him on this photo. Because the complection of the bottom part of the body from the neck going down appears of that of white man and the head looks like him in his black complection.

  2. Mmmmmmmm ! u say photo shopped ? but for what reason ? Dr Banda is a harmless individual , unless something terrible has happened to his medularOblangator ( the mind ) . Why should somebody wish to harm this innocent fellow ? Please relatives find out and give or render guidance : It’s touching and worrying .


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