In a video posted on Facebook, an unidentified woman is shown putting scoops of Blue Band spread for bread in boiling water but the product remained insoluble.

“This is Blue Band, I bought it from Pick n Pay at Woodlands Shopping Mall. I think this Blue Band is not safe for human consumption. Let me show you what I just discovered…the Blue Band doesn’t melt in [hot] water. What are we feeding on? What happens when it goes in the stomach? This is not safe…the Blue band is not melting in hot boiling water and it has to go in the stomach…is this safe?” she wondered.

Unilever has, however, assured its customers and stakeholders that the company remained committed to the highest standards of manufacturing process, marketing and sales.

It explained that Blue Band was in two variants – with one made to withstand high temperatures.

“Our attention has been drawn to an online video on Blue Band. We wish to assure our customers and stakeholders that Unilever remains committed to the highest standards of manufacturing process, marketing and sales. There are two variants of Blue Band: Blue Band Spread for Bread and Blue Band original. Blue Band spread for bread is a very delicate and sensitive low fat product. To withstand the high temperatures, harsh distribution conditions experienced locally and to the markets we export to and to ensure it remains stable throughout its shelf life, it needs extra ingredients,” stated Unilever.

“We use emulsifiers made from vegetable oils, which helps to bind the low fat, water, and other constituents together to prevent separation. As a result, Blue Band Spread is very stable and does not easily melt at high temperatures. Emulsifiers are ingredients commonly used in the manufacture of food and confectionery. When using Blue Band Spread for bread for cooking, it will not melt like the Blue Band Original which is ideal for baking and cooking. Hence the reason it is recommended to solely use for SPREADING. Unilever Nigeria products are and continue to be made to the highest quality standards that meet both local and global guidelines for our consumer optimal satisfaction.”


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