Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine reported a presence of a drone above his house during the night. He did this through a video posted on twitter by Joel Ssenyonyi, spokesperson of National Unity Platform.

They claim that this is a move by their opponents to scare them off and make them lose truck now that elections are close.

The short video shows something in the air indeed above the presidential candidates’ house. He is seen in a robe but he comforted his supporters and urged them not to panic

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‘So there is a drone above my house, unfortunately I can not reach it with a stone. My friends out there you do not have to worry, apart from invading on my privacy and not worried about them instead they are worried about us, that is why they are panicking doing all these illegal things’


We can’t currently confirm anything because all we have as evidence is the video posted on social media. This act was however condemned by especially the NUP supporters who said they need to be respected plus their president.

‘So this is where we’ve reached. Kicks of a dying horse Kabisa!’ Joel Senyonyi twitted.

Elections are just around the corner and such things are always expected to happen especially because African politics is not yet that mature.



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