If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!

We are in receipt of this letter from Andrew Kamanga’s lawyers demanding that we cease to comment on his poor leadership at Football House which we believe has affected the performance of our much loved Chipolopolo.

We wish to affirm to Mr Kamanga’s lawyers that as long as their client wants to remain at Football House, he should be ready to be criticized, and criticized heavily.

Gagging us is a very stupid attempt at perpetuating the nonsense going on at Football House. Andrew should know that he can only manage to intimidate his wife and his kids.

Andrew should quickly realize that he is occupying a public office and he has drawing allowances from the public purse. What gives him the nerve to stop people discussing his poor leadership when he and his cronies had the audacity to even form a parallel football league in 2011? If the Kalusha Bwalya executive was petty as Andrew is today, would we even be here today?

Granted, if the results improve on the pictch, no football fan in Zambia would criticize his leadership but as long as Chipolopolo boys continue losing to Eswatini, he should expect more noise at higher decibels from us.

We are football fans and we make noise all the time, if he cannot stand the noise from football fans, let him get out of Football House now, follow his Micho or take a holiday at some island somewhere to enjoy his peace.220404254_4431939756864818_3553099042557855513_n


  1. Oh dear! But criticising bad performance isn’t a crime;… unless, of course, there is more to this than we are led to believe.

  2. Kamanga should really justify his continued stay at FAZ. Performance of the National Team has been very poor. If coaches are accepting responsibility and are resigning why cant he ?Kamanga promised us good results when he fought tooth and nail to have Kalusha removed. He has achieved the very opposite of what he promised. Soccer fans are now fed up. Lusambo is right on this matter and Kamanga should not use lawyers to intimidate football fans.

  3. Kamanga has never had it easy from the day he assumed the FAZ leadership top seat! He has never been given an environment conducive to mature his agenda for the game all because the Kalusha Bwalya zealots have held him to ransom and Kalusha himself did and does not have the big heart to be of help as the battle of “I only I” raged behind the scenes spilling into the political arena championed by Bowman Lusambo! Yes the FAZ president can be criticized by fans but what criticism has to be very clear! The many European soccer teams that a good number of Zambians follow always heap blame on the coach when the teams perform poorly and not on the administration! In Zambia players are never scrutinized and it is also high time that the soccer game begins to deliberately start recruiting players from higher institutions of learning for obvious reasons. Kalusha was successful on the pitch as he was educationally better off and could ‘read’ the game and strategy as laid out by the coach! The failures of grade twelves in political leadership is no different than what is happening in Zambian football/soccer! Leave FAZ alone for it is a poor institution devoid of adequate resources and dependence on taxpayer grants holds it to political ransom


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