– Complains of people’s reluctancy to contribute money towards the event

By Barotseland Broadcasting Network Reporter,
in Limulunga

11th March, 2019.

The 5th session of kuomboka preparatory meeting was yesterday Sunday 10th March, 2019. Held in Mboo kuta in Limulunga at 14:30 hours.

During the meeting which was held their, Kuomboka/kufuluhela committee national Chairperson, Induna Mukulwakashiko (Mr Mowa Zambwe), told the meeting that this year’s kuomboka ceremony will be colourful despite challenges of the rains that has hit Barotseland and that the budget for this year’s Koumboka ceremony is K752, 055.50.

During the same meeting, Kuomboka/kufuluhela Resource Mobilization Chairman, Induna Namunda, told the meeting that his Committee was finding it more difficult to mobilize and solicit for monies from the public due the calamity of drought that the region has been hit by and that the people were reluctant and were not willing to give the BRE money. That the koumboka ceremony will not take place and that the BRE Kuomboka fundraising ventures were just deliberate and BRE’s treacherous strategies of stealing money from its people, when in the actual fact they knew that the ceremony won’t take place.

And a survey conducted by Barotseland Broadcasting Network ( BBN) to ascertain whether it was possible to hold a a colourful and a successfully Kuomboka, established that the Barotse plains were still dry such that even by now vehicles still move from Limulunga to Lukulu via the plains and people still move from Limulunga to Libonda on foot with shoes without any water challenges.

With on Three weeks remaining to reach April the Barotse Royal Establishment have not yet set the date for this year’s Koumboka ceremony but they have kept on deceiving the Barotse people and soliciting for monies in the name of holding Kuomboka ceremony despite the nature of the Barotse plains not showing any sign of kuomboka.

Meanwhile, Some sections of the Barotse community have just described the recent BRE maneuvers in the name of Koumboka fundraising as daylight robbery aimed at enriching themselves while the majority of Barotseland citizens continue wallowing in abject poverty.



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