– Committee Members demand for the financial report on the money raised for the previous failed ceremony

By Barotseland Broadcasting Network,
Reporter in Limulunga

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) has unveiled its 2020 Kuomboka ceremony budget.

Announcing the 2020 Kuomboka ceremony budget yesterday in Limulunga during the second session of Kuomboka preparatory meeting held in Mboo kuta, Kuomboka/Kufuluhela national chairperson Induna Mukulwakashiko, Mr. Mowa Zambwe, announced that this year’s Kuomboka budget will be One Million and One hundred thousand kwacha (k1,100,000 )

Induna Mukulwakashiko told the meeting that the BRE wanted to make this year’s Kuomboka ceremony a most colourful ceremony ever because His Majesty the litunga (king) of Barotseland, Lubosi Imwiko II was turning 20 years on the throne as the litunga of Barotseland.

Induna Mukulwakashiko, told the committee that the proposed Budget will be collected or taxed from the business personals, companies and Silalo Indunas to ensure that a successful and colourful ceremony is held.

Induna Mukulwakashiko, further told the meeting that the 2020 Kuomboka ceremony preparations were delayed because of the rains which seemed not to be promising earlier but with the current downfall the ceremony will take place without fail.

Meanwhile, during the same meeting members of the committee who attended the meeting demanded that the financial controlling committee gives a report on the money raised for the failed last year ceremony at the next meeting. The demands came after members of the Committee called for a detailed report on how the money raised last year was used since there was no Kuomboka.

Kuomboka, is the ceremony in which the Litunga, the King of Barotseland, migrates from Lealui (the winter capital) in Barotse floodplains to limulunga (the summer capital), using his Royal barge called the Nalikwanda. Under the reign of the current litunga, the ceremony is held in April/May.



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