Barotseland will never be the same like Zambia where thieves in the name of investors can grab land and make the ordinary people suffer.

BRE has never denied any serious investor to put up their business here in Barotseland. We offer land on merit and that’s after serious scrutiny.

As long as it’s a strong sounded business that benefits the local people in any location it’s welcome. We don’t allow thieves, jokers and pretenders to come and loot our resources here.

For those people who are propagandists are busy scheming on tarnishing our name will be ashamed. When you hear such stories , kindly ignore them.
That has always been a lie and we can assure you that land is available for any investor. Bring them on rather than accusing the BRE.
Only about 10% of land has been used in Barotseland.


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