-As Litunga demands for the ceremony to take place.

This morning the BRE held a meeting and briefed his majesty the Litunga about the preparations of this year’s Kuomboka ceremony’se have set two options on the table since the Nayuma river has enough water where the Royal badges moves but the problem is about the Barotse plain which is still dry and the Indunas disclosed that it won’t be nice to have people following the Nalikwanda on the barks of the river from Lealui up to Limulunga.

These are the two options on the table.

  1. The full Kuomboka ceremony ;
    They are waiting for the rains to pour more so that the plains can have enough water. Or if rains will be little but covering the plains then they are going to put traditional blockage called “Ling’alamba in the Nayuma river in order to block the flow of water.
  2. The Mini- Kuomboka ceremony
    They are going to have Mini-Kuomboka due to low water levels in the Barotse plains.

Let’s get things right in case you don’t know what a mini Kuomboka is. Its actually an expedition from Lealui Royal palace Mundi Wa ndume to Mulamba Harbour in Mongu.
Now for some years now we have been talking about the possibility of having a mini Kuomboka. The last time the thing happened was when Sir Mwanawina received Queen of Britain in 1960 and Litunga Ilute Yeta IV when he come back from England in 1990s.

The procession will begin from Lealui Royal palace passing through to kanukana and reach Zambezi river and play in the water and then connect to Mulamba harbour where the arrival of the King will be and then from there the Litunga will proceed to Limulunga Royal Palace where traditional and other activities will take place. The Nalikwanda badge will only be at the harbour for good 1week and then the go back to Lealui Royal village.

Will the water levels increase or they will settle for a mini Kuomboka or maybe the ceremony will not be held???????
We hope the rains will pour heavily this month and early April.


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