We want to preserve our languages and cultural……

By Wamuwi Nyumbu

The Barotse Royal Establishment has Said No police officers and public civil servants working in Barotseland should be using Bemba or Nyanja in their offices when attending to the local people. The kuta said it’s unprofessional for government workers who have come to work in Barotseland to force people to speak their languages. The BRE have stated that if the officers wants that they can speak their languages in their homes with family and friends and not in working places.

The kuta said there is only two officials languages in Barotseland which silozi or English and anyone can use other local languages such as nyengo, kwangwa, nkoya, subiya, mbunda, etc

The kuta has received so many complaints from the public on how Zambian government workers are forcing people to speak Nyanja languages in offices.

Ngambela MUKELA Manyando disclosed that even in the civil service act it stipulates that every employee either police officer or any who has been sent to an area he or she should learn the local language in the Six months period failure to which he or she should be removed from that area.

Now here in Barotseland since 2016, civil servants have taking advantage and abusing this place. “We hear even in local councils these people only speak Nyanja or bemba not even English. In schools, college’s, churches and gatherings civil servants working Barotseland have been terrorizing lozi speaking people.

These people don’t have jobs were they are coming from and they want to be superior over us when they are just being helped for their lives.

Those police officers should stop speaking those foreign language in Barotseland. Will summon the provincial administration to tell them before we act.

We only want to preserve our languages and let those who fail to speak our languages go Back to their areas if the fail to adhere to us” he said

Meanwhile, the Barotse Imilema and Linyungandambo have said they will Start cleaning the areas where foreigners are playing. This is Barotseland and we expect every visitor or worker to follow and learn what we do. Will soon start shaking them, said Likando Sinvula.

In 2005 the BRE had banned foreign languages in Barotseland. The ban was extended to all radio stations , public buses , places , worshipping , clubs and offices. It was during the time when Ngambela MUKELA Manyando was the acting Ngambela then.

SOURCE: Barotseland Broadcasting Network



  1. We thank Britain for Colonizing Zambia.
    I wonder what we would be without the English language with our multitude of dialects. One thing that has helped to unify our country is our OFFICIAL LANGUAGE – ENGLISH!
    OFFICIAL means related to OFFICE, in this case PUBLIC OFFICE!
    The BRE is therefore in order to remind us all that English is our official language! Any public officer who abuses the public by insisting they use any other language other than our official language is guilty of an offence and must be Summarily Dismissed from Public office!

  2. The so called Barotse activists must learn to what is happening in Tigray in Ethiopia where innocent Tigray people allowed a few disgruntled Tigrayans to cause other Ethiopians to turn against them and thousands have been killed millions are in refugee camps in Eritrea and Sudan where they are not welcome. The Tigray tribe only makes up 6% of the total population of Ethiopia just Lozi’s in Zambia but always wanted to be treated as if they are a special tribe unique and more important than other tribes in Ethiopia. Barotse activists learn something and move on. There is nothing special about being and speaking Lozi its just another native language just like the other 73 languages in Zambia. Never push your tribe or language to be better than others. Follow the Tigray story in Ethiopia and learn something and stop this stupidity of Barotseland nonsense.


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