BRE/West Mps meeting over Bill 10 concludes but full of confusion

The meeting that was called by the NGAMBELA between the west members of Parliament and the the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) over the Zambian constitution amendment Bill number 10 just ended this evening in limulunga, the MPs and BRE Indunas rejected the so called Bill 10 stating Bill 10 was evil and that the Bill should not be entertained in parliament.

In the meeting Prof. Lungwangwa, the Ngambela and some senior indunas supported Bill 10 stating that the current article 165 of the Zambian constitution was undermining the litunga of Barotseland and that Bill 10 will address the current traditional problems brought by article 165 of the Zambian constitution.

The ngambela and the BRE indunas will on Monday 8th June, 2020 conduct a meeting amongst themselves to review the resolutions of today’s meeting and then inform the MPS on what should follow.

The selected committee of six Mps led by Hon. Kapelwa Mbangweta, Hon. Lungwangwa, Hon. Kangombe and others ,who came to represent other west MPS have since go back to their constituencies.



  1. Lungwangwa is misleading the Indunas. He doesn’t understand the catastrophic consequences of Bill 10. They should not buy into the story. He has been paid.

  2. Lungwangwa is not honest. But my concern is how can he manage to fool the whole lot of BRE? Surely they can’t read between the lines why PF wants to change the constitution barely 3 years after amendments.

  3. Do not disappoint us. BRE you are in the lime light and should bill 10 pass, we will hold responsible.That meeting was supposed to be just a warm up towards D-Day aiming at winning the game in paliament, not asking yourselves whether to score your own goal or not. We wait eagerly to see how Barotseland will decide. Out fate is now in your hands.

  4. Professor Lungwangwa is a very learned person whose judgement of the issues at hand cannot be doubted. He is a very dignified Lozi and knows what implications the results of bill 10 can bring for the people of Western Province. The other Lozis who were in the meeting are equally of sound character who are very independent of any government agencies. So please don’t confuse them with your Ill gotten and selfish ideas which are being sponsored by the opposition in order to suit their egos.


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