“Mukela Manyando twist the resolutions”

By BWD Swaaala Swaaala/Mutemwa Sinonge

BRE and Western Province Members of Parliament on Saturday had a crucial meeting were they unanimously resolved to reject the constitution amendment bill number 10 of 2019 in its entirety on the foundation that it has been manufactured to further injure the people of Barotseland.

In the meeting there were two different school of thoughts with Nalikwanda MP Prof. Geoffrey Lungwangwa and Senanga MP Mukumbuta Mulowa backing Bill No. 10 of 2019 saying it is a progressive document that will give powers to the Litunga and BRE to install, recognize and remove Chiefs. While another School of thought arising from UPND MP of Parliament led by Provincial Chairperson Mbangweta saying they will never support Bill No. 10 because it is retrogressive, injurious and aims at throwing Zambians into abject poverty.

UPND members of Parliament vowed to defend the people of Western Province by rejecting the Bill adding that the Bill No. 2019 is aiming the people of Barotseland and her Nation.

Submitting further, UPND Members of Parliament argued that there are some clauses in the proposed constitution which will completely remove the unitary state Status.

MPs argued that Barotseland and Northern Rhodesia become one country after Barotseland agreement 1964 and removing Unitary clause that is saying Barotseland never existed.

But Prof. Lungwangwa and Mulowa agrued that all clauses BRE feels it is detrimental to the national status of Barotseland will be removed on the third reading in Parliament.

After a high level of tension and debate BRE lndunas gave their ruling and position on the matter.

BRE advised UPND Members to maintain their position and reject Bill No. 10.

BRE vehemently condemned Bill No. 10 saying it main aim is to bring further confusion and legal status of Barotseland.

They said Kaunda betrayed them and this time they will not accept such a thing to happen.

“Go to Parliament and reject this Bill for the good of the people of Barotseland. Remember this is a Nation; we are with Zambia because of BA 1964. Be united and represent us well. We have resolved here together that we shall never support this Bill. It is a collective decision.” Induna Mukulwakashiko said.

” We are not in support of Bill No. 10 as BRE. We have rejected it strongly. Zambia wants to put us in a dilemma.So hear from us, please don’t disappoint us by supporting this evil Bill. ” Induna lnyamawima added.

After four Indunas selected to talk on behalf of others , it was time for the Ngambeia to summarise everything on what BRE and MPs

After four Indunas selected to talk on behalf of others , it was time for the Ngambela to summarise everything on what BRE and MP3 agreed.

The Ngambela brought a 10minutes confusion in his concluding remarks when he woke up and changed the resolutions made by BRE and UPND MPs:

” I advise you to go and Support Bill No. 10 as you wish. Go please and do the needful. Support this Bill. Go there and Support this progressive document” Ngambela twisted the resolutions.

It was at this time when some Indunas rose in hot tempters and grilled the Ngambela why he was saying things the meeting never discussed. Induna Inyamawima was seen incensed and fumed at 190 BP level.

” Why are you changing the Resolutions why Ngambela, why do you want to betray the people of Barotseland. We never agreed such a thing here.” surprised Induna Inyamawima

And erupted and questioned Induna Namunda why the Ngambela summarised fake resolutions never discussed in the meeting.

” Are you in order the Ngambela to change our resolutions in a few minutes here. No! please can you withdraw the statement you have made” demanded Induna Namunda.

As some Indunas were busy blasting the Ngambela , other Indunas were heard saying ” uchile kapene maabani from Given Lubinda. Uchile, Uchile…kapene kaizi fa Mulala…” said Indunas while laughing.

Ngambela changed his statement ” please go and do what we discussed here …. I end here” All the people in the meeting were shocked.

BWD has been informed that the Ngambela was convinced by Justice Minister Given Lubinda to support Bill No 10 because all articles evilish in the face of BRE will be instantly removed when Parliament resumes.

After the meeting , lnduna Kuso , Ngambela and others remained at night discussing how they can twist the Resolutions. We are yet to get details.



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