The PF has demoted the Kaoma returning officer ,who untill his impromptu transfer, Kaoma District Council Secretary (CS) Given Muleya and transferred him to Kitwe as Director Housing and has been replaced him with Mr Raphael Kamanga who untill now used to be Director Housing Chililabombwe District Council as a new Kaoma Council Secretary.

It appears it’s now PF’s strategy to vent their frustrations each time they loose an election on public servants when in fact the Party PF has just become unpopular.

In following the Sesheke By-election loss , Police officers were dismissed and now the loss in Kaoma their anger and frustration has passed on the head of the poor Returning officer .

Truth of the matter is the Returning officer could have in one way or another tried to help PF going by incidences of attempted rigging but the vigilance from the Opposition Party and other election monitors made it impossible to help Party that has lost public approve to continue Governing despite gifts and bribes dished out during campaigns.



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