Former UPND vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has resigned from the opposition political party and immediately re-joined the Patriotic Front (PF).

Mwamba, popularly known as GBM has also apologized to President Edgar Lungu for having uttered disparaging remarks against him.

During a media briefing at his office in Villa Elizabeth, Mwamba said that Hichilema repeatedly undermined him as his deputy and opted to work with his inner circle.

He said that Hichilema was an arrogant person who did not heed to advice.

Mwamba said Hichilema had rendered his deputy presidents irrelevant hence the turnover of vice presidents was too high.

He said that losing five vice presidents showed that Hichilema was an intolerant person.

“They should abolish the position of vice president because it is irrelevant. No wonder they have lost five vice presidents. My brother always side-lines his vice presidents and deals with a kitchen cabinet,” Mwamba said.

Mwamba said that he was always reaching out to Hichilema before matters completely got out of hand.

He said that they held meetings aimed at clarifying their deteriorating relationship but Hichilema never kept his side of the bargain.

He also apologized to president Lungu for having insulted him before defecting from the PF in 2016.

“I will be failing if I do not publicly apologize to President Lungu for all the disparaging remarks and insults I showered on. I publicly apologize to him,” he said.

In re-joining the PF Mwamba said he had followed the majority of his supporters’ wish and not form an own political party.

Mwamba said that the UPND had opted to disrespect him after having helped them build structures in Northern Province.

He said Hichilema was using some weak elements from Northern Province like Patrick Mucheleka, Mutale Nalumango and Bernard Mpundu to maintain a presence in Northern Province.

Mwamba said he had forgiven all the UPND officials that voted to suspend him after the National Management Committee.

He said that as vice president, he was never allowed to interact with MPs freely as they were directly under Hichilema.

“Even in PF the vice president Inonge Wina is in charge  of  Ministers but in the UPND  it’s the president and the Secretary General, I have forgiven HH because he is being cheated by his litigants and my relative Muchekeka “, he said.

He becomes the sixth UPND vice president to resign since Hichilema took over in 2006.

The list includes Sakwiba Sikota, Bob Sichinga, Francis Simenda, Patrick Chisanga and Dr Canisius Banda.


  1. Do not just read about Judas in the Bible. Judas is a spy figure in every generation. What is happening in Zambia today re-echoes the the errors in History. It happened and it shall continue to happen. What is important is to stop worship individuals who feel without them things can cease to be. I exhort many Zambians today to be objective and think of the good of the common man out there. Ignore Tribalists who want to divide the country.

  2. Since he could not match with UPND president personal principles and commitment to save people for their good social lives, U-turn for GBM was unavoidable. His U-turn is also confirmation of the evil mission he had embarked on (eliminating the progressive leadership of UPND) as it was the only threat to his selfish ambitions.
    Thank God for highlighting his true colour so that HH now should be watchful of GBM life-hunting strategies aimed at HH.

  3. Zambian politicians working for their bellies as they say.There was nothing
    To eat in Upnd as they are not in power.
    Back with tukabolala .If rich men like
    GBM failed to survive what more a simple

  4. This foul mouthed liw life resigned from pf purportedly on principle that pf was corrupt. He is back again blown like chaff. He doesn’t know what he wants.
    These are true tribalists. Zambia is finished.

    Lungu be careful of this Judas Iscariot.

  5. Comment:am happy that gbm is out of upnd.GBM you have failed to train thieves upnd don’t want thieves go back to yo fellow thieves.Go HH go 2021.V.C


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