By Intelligence Officer

The LITUNGA Lubosi Imwiko II has directed the Ngambela of Barotseland to cancel any meeting involves the PS, police commissioner, Mungu Town clerk , UPND , PF and BIs regarding the Mungu main Station friction and Sisheke PF violence and Police brutality probe.

Today BRE was supposed to have a meeting with PF , UPND, Mungu Munucipal Council, Western Police Commissioner , PS, UPND and Barotseland Political Activists , BIs,but the meeting has been suspended by the Litunga indefinitely.

Sources from OP revealed that when the Litunga arrived from India last week , he (Litunga) received a call from President Edgar Lungu who complained to the Litunga that BRE Kuta is fighting him(the president) and his Government.

President Lungu complained to the Litunga that BRE has been calling his PS and Police commissioner to probe them on Sisheke PF violence , Police brutality during by – election a situation that did not please the head of state.

A source from OP further revealed that the Litunga’ s relationship with Edgar Changwa Lungu has not ended thus ,if BRE continued with PF and Police brutality probe would mean to sour the relationship in between the President Edgar Changwa Lungu and Litunga Edwin Lubosi Imwiko II.

During Sisheke Parliamentarian by – election , the children of King Lubosi Imwiko II were tortured, killed, and brutalised by both the Police and PF cadres the incidence that annoyed BRE Indunas and called for thoughly investigations over the matter.

Two weeks ago BRE has custodian and leaders of Barotseland, initiated an inquiry on Sisheke by election Police Brutality and violence.

The initiative was to probe and stop all the nonsense taking sharp in Barotseland and possibly cancel all Political activities in Barotseland.


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