“Obama wants me to stand for presidency in 2021” B flow claims

Singer and Music for Social change ambassador Brian Bwembya alias Bflow says he had a Skype conversation with former US president Barrack Obama requesting him to contest the 2021 elections.


Bflow says the democrats in the US have already endorsed him and all what Obama wanted to confirm is if he has the interest at heart to serve the Zambian people.

Bflow further claims that he will receive 100 percent support and sponsorship from Obama and all the democrats should the Zambian people approve his aspirations for plot 1.
Bflow is the only musician in the history of Zambia to be personal friends with Barrack Obama.


Bflow and Obama are best friends and always chat on Skype and Whatsapp.
Bflow also claims that Obama will hand him his daughter Daughter Sasha Obama to marry if he decides to stand as president in 2021.



  1. Good grief! Hand over his daughter Sasha? I didn’t know there’s another Obama with a mental illness who can say these things even in jest?

  2. From “Dear Mama am chilling with Obama” to state house and then ichupo kumwana wakwa Obama! Kwea mwalikwata inchito!!!!!!!


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