A two year old boy from Zimba District, whose tummy has been bulging, has been taken back to Lusaka’s University Teaching Hospital (UTH) for treatment.

Maradona’s tummy has been bulging for a year and some months.

His grandmother Ms. Hachaamba said that Maradona Mundyoli was last Thursday taken back to UTH on recommendations by Zimba General Hospital.

“We were shocked to see the ambulance come at our door step at exactly 04:00 hours on Thursday. We were immediately told to pack our belongings and that the baby was going back to the hospital,” Ms. Hachaamba said.

She said that blood samples were taken from the baby for tests the same day and that they were told to wait for the results.


She further said that a CT scan was done on Friday and the family was still waiting for the doctors to give them the results.

She further said that the idea of taking him back to the hospital had completely been set aside because no cure was being found at the health institution.

Maradona’s family rejected help from the hospital in April and opted to place him under traditional treatment.

The boy was admitted at the UTH in December, 2018 and was partially discharged on April 19, 2019 but was scheduled for review on the April 15 which the family ignored.

The family said that the boy would not be taken back to the hospital stressing that he had been hospitalized for four months and medical personnel failed to establish what the problem was.

The family decided to place the boy under traditional treatment for two weeks starting from April 15.

And a few weeks ago, the family almost gave up after being told by a traditional healer that the boy was bewitched using a desert rain frog.

It was reported that the traditional healer also told them that the chances of the boy getting better were slim on grounds that they sought for help very late.



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