Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s prophecies on elections in Malawi continue to go viral on social media, at the same time, stirring controversy in the general public.

The Enlighten Christian Gathering (ECG) church leader made several prophecies on the elections even before tripartite election May 20 2019.

His first prophecy before the May 20 2019 was that he was seeing the ruling party winning the elections, but the opposition will not accept and there will be a wave of demonstrations.

He, again, a week before the Constitution Court ruling on Monday 3 February, said that he is seeing an appeal.

A day before the ruling, he prophesized that he is seeing the opposition winning the case.

These series of prophecies have seen social media going berserk with them—to the point of attracting controversies.

There is a group that are seeing nothing wrong with the prophecies; but just a manifestation of God’s wish. The other group is arguing that Bushiri is just being clever about it, mostly using his analytic skills which can’t be prophecy.

Bushiri himself said on Sunday that God showed him so many things regarding the future of Malawi but he didn’t want to divulge all of them because of the tense political situation in Malawi.

In defense of Bushiri, writing on his social media, Madengessa Machette said: “That what we call maturity, a prophet should be able to control the spirit and even himself. Check the atmosphere and also what will be the consequences. Not every prophecy need to be revealed in or on time.”


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