By Hon Munsanje


I am left to wonder at the hands pointing at the United Party for National Development President Hakainde Hichilema of having organized the riot at UNZA that saw nineteen (19) students rushed to the University Teaching Hospital of which, one died while the other was evacuated to South Africa for more specialized medical attention.

Does Hakainde holds meal allowances for the students at UNZA? In any case, when is meal allowance supported to be credited in student accounts? When they are about to close or when they are opening? If indeed, those allowances are meal allowances, then they should be credited in student accounts on the opening week.

One former UNZA Leader by the name of Johnstone Chikwanda always used to see a white canter delivering tyres for burning. Even on Thursday, he saw the said canter without a number plate delivering tyres. But where was Johnstone? What was he doing in the UNZA premises? Indeed, this canter is his and should be investigated.

I think am joining HH is ‘STUPIDIZING’ those alleging that the riot was organized by him. Meal allowance is meant to buy foodstuffs at the same institution when students are there not when they are back home. Antonio would have commented better than joining people alleging that there are some political hands on the riot. If there is then it is PF police.

How then, can police investigate themselves on the said incident? We ought to understand that these men in uniform are NOT ALLOWED to enter and tear gass students in their rooms. But currently, we are seeing unprofessionalism with these uniformed men. One would question their professionalism and their attachment to political powers that be.

Friendship between students and the police will never be there because always, these men in uniform cruelly beat students as ‘educational challenge’ because most of them have not been to this institution and barely understand what meal allowance is. Jealousy makes police get into the school premises and brutally beat innocent and busy-studying students.

I remember back in 2014 when I was made to sleep from Goma fields because unprofessionally, these uniformed men entered the institution and choked us off our rooms while others were busy studying in lecture theatres and rooms. You will only understand this brutality when your child, because you failed to go there, goes to that institution.

Whatever the case, instead of pinpointing daily, the organisers of the said riot should be investigated and charged. Just in line, the policemen that suffocated my sister should show up and be arrested for unprofessional conduct. Failure to that, whatever happen to him, no one will be accountable, not even the girl’s family.




  1. The people that started the UNZA riots are the government by not paying students on time. No one from the outside can influence the students but they themselves as they felt deprived. Pointing fingers at HH is already aggresive provokation to hide the failure of Nkandu Luo s administration. In fact I have my doubts that it was proffesional police that fired tear gas into the dormitaries.These must have been cadres dressed in ZP uniforms.

  2. Remember all the markets that were on fire it was HH, even before the investigations were done!! Where are the reports? Fuel increase is HH depreciation of our beloved Kwacha is HH maybe even the debt is HH


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