Artist Nicolas Raymond Banda over the weekend physically abused the wife and later boasted on his Facebook page that he was untouchable as a celebrity.

In a video recording, Banda is seen Physically and Verbally abusing a woman believed to be his wife.

He letter posted a video on his Facebook page were he was abusing her with a foolish caption saying ;

“ At any given Time , I will still mess that face up, This is what you do to women who act silly would still fuck you up, you deserve this, silly woman”

He wrote this in reference to the video where he is beating up his “wife” all this was done in full view of a young innocent child. I wonder what was going through his head.

Zambia is a country of rules and laws and no body is above the law, we cannot allow men to beat up and abuse women like that, it is uncalled for especially that he even went to Facebook to mock her.

Cases of Gender Based Violence especially against women have been on the rise.
On Friday the Zambia Police Victim Support Unit released shocking figures of the increasing cases of GBV.



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