Chitatu Chilufya
Chitatu Chilufya


By Lomphande Phiri
A legal advisor has described as premature calls by various stakeholders for health minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya to be fired following on-going alleged corruption investigations against him by the anti-corruption commission –ACC-.

Isaac mwanza says the ongoing investigations on corruption related issues against dr. Chilufya does not mandate the head of state to fire the minister as he has not been proven guilty of any case.

In an interview with phoenix news, Mr Mwanza says it is important to allow the anti-corruption commission to conclude its investigations against the health minister before giving misleading judgments.

Mr. Mwanza adds that the on-going investigations should be left in the hands of law enforcement agencies and not to public judgment.
Various stakeholders among them transparent international zambia have called for the removal of Dr. Chilufya as health minister after the ACC announced its ongoing corruption investigations in relation to him.

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  1. Which Legal Advisor? Why do Zambians think they can dignify a dog to the level of an elephant? Some of these people you try to elevate know no corporate governance let alone government operations and you are here elevating them ati legal advisor, what advice? Advice of embezzlement of tax payers donated funds? Is it not a general norm even in corporate governance, that once a senior staff is being investigated, they are suspended or asked to go on forced leave to facilitate for smooth investigations? Why do we have in this country idiots who should have been aborted or dumped supporting everything that pains normal Zambians?

  2. Comment: He may not be fired, but step aside until the ACC and the courts are done with him. We don’t want the Chitotela saga where somebody is even smiling with hands in his pockets as he leaves the courtroom and heading back to his office. Shibukeni ba Zambia

  3. Idiocy Detector, I would not agree with you less. The hypocrisy going on here is so rediculous you always have to brace yourself with how to answer to questions when you are not in the country asked by those people because some of these decisions are stupid and full of double standards. Why was that lady Minister fired because of the cash transfer scam whe she has not been convicted yet? Can this mwanza legal expert say? Did they let the legal process take root in her case? Or is it a chiwamila galu scenerio?


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