Elias Munshya:

Question: can the Zambian Attorney General succeed in having the Johannesburg interdict discharged? That is, to have the injunction Vedanta obtained in Johannesburg to be discharged?

My answer: Yes! But in order to do so, the Attorney General must clearly state that the Zambian government has deliberately decided to expropriate KCM and kick Vedanta out. He must admit that the liquidation process is just a smokescreen.

With this admission, the Johannesburg court will be left with no other option apart from discharging the interdict. The dispute, therefore, will move to Arbitration and the only question to be arbitrated is, how much? That bakwetu is where the Zambian people get kelenkad. The AG at arbitration is likely to commit Zambian taxpayers to billions of dollars.

We ask again. Who are the winners?

Winners? The PF party and the liquidator PF lawyers. Vedanta. The Chinese who will buy it for almost nothing.

Losers? Sadly, the Zambian people who will be left saddled with billions of dollars in debts.

Could the PF have handled this better? A big yes! But the party was motivated by a quick buck.



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