By Chibesa Kalandwe II

We have become a nation of perpetual whiners and complainers. We have now developed a detrimental attitude that government should baby sit us all the time and everywhere.

And this is evident with our two public Universities CBU and UNZA where we are breeding a generation of brats who want to hold us to ransom.

How is it that the University of Lusaka (UNILUS) is now the best run higher institution of learning in Zambia? the answer is that every student knows no one owes them a living but themselves and they have to make it happen. This also applies to ZCAS, Zambia Catholic University etc.

Why always UNZA AND CBU? we are simply breeding indiscipline. I pay my tax why should some few misguided brats hold the nation to ransom? How special are these brats?

Before you come here with your empty garbage mouth, I was not trained at UNZA or CBU but in the US so I hold no jealous for the students there.

Conclusion: Bravo Prof. Luo, please do not open CBU until next year.



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