An irresponsible Copperbelt University Student only identified as Sampa Kanyata has refused to be responsible for impregnanting the girlfriend.

According to the girlfriend only indetified as Jenipher Tembo, Kanyata has been refusing to pick up calls or replying to messages after he leant that the girlfriend was pregnant.

However the girlfriend used an initiative of posting to kanyata on his timeline so that all his friends and extra girlfriends can be aware that he was going to be a father.

Kanyatta has however wondered why a girl would post on his timeline charging that she was not normal and ended the relationship last year in December.

According to Jenipher Tembo, She says she is pregnant for kanyatta and he is refusing to talk to her or reply to her messages after leaning that she was pregnant.

“I have missed my pee’s and you are responsible, stop ignoring my calls and text” she posted on his time line.

But Sampa kanyanta has accused the ex girlfriend of being not normal.

“Don’t believe this, she is just stupid and crazy, she is no longer my girlfriend ” replied kanyanta on his timeline.

However friends to the Copperbelt University Student did not waste time but to roast the fella to man up and be responsible enough.

Others have mocked Kanganta by wondering if he does not know how to use condoms to prevent some unwanted pregnancies.

See exchanges messages on their timeline before deleting them……….

Jenipher Tembo (ex) – “You think that I’m joking, we coming with mum at your place”.

Sampa kanyanta – ( Iwe chill, we don’t handle issues like that, moreover I’m not at home. Why do you post such rubbish on my time line?”).

Kassy Kalungah – ( Floyd these days we stopped inboxing, we just post on your time line)

Sampa kanyanta – ( She lacks maturity)

Sampa Kanyanta- ( Ine I’m at school and we stopped dating last year December. How come you have posted this nonsense on my timeline, I will deal with you I promise you bi**ch, I will come and deal with you bi**ch).

Mukupa CR sinkala – ( Jeni walyamba ukupena ” Jenny are you running mad now”).

Ba Gova – (” Sampa nomwana umbi again After gift “?).

Sampa kanyanta – ( Gova don’t be a hater).

Ba Gova – ( I’m not a hater, why impregnanting ladies, don’t you know condoms?).

Kassy Kalungah MK- ( Ine I would do the same, I can also post on his timeline if he stopped picking my calls or replying to my texts).



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