“We were stupid to insult you, forgive us”

More than 200 Copperbelt University students today rendered an apology to the Minister of Higher education and President Edgar Lungu for the riotous behavior and verbal abuse she suffered early this month when they rioted following misunderstandings.

“We were foollish and stupid we have now learnt a lesson, please forgive us and reopen our university”, they said today. “We promise never to riot again”.


  1. There is nothing genuine with the apology as solicited by the students. Those student could have been bribed with something for them to group themselves to pronounce an apology to the minister that has demonstrated unprofessional and ungovernance behaviour. The briber could only afford to bribe 200 hundred out of more than 10,000 students. The assumption is that those that did not group up for this fake apology were not in favour of the apology due to some reasons, which can only be, not being bribed. If this proportion is converted to percentage results only 2% viewed to represent the CBU students to express their apologies to the government authority while 98% are mute. What a desperate and shameful behaviour of the current governance system towards the nationals needfuls for better social life


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