By Rick Nchito at John Chinena Market

Marketeers at the famous John Chinena Market in Chibombo have called on the PF government to change their lives as opposed to changing the name of their place from John Chinena to John High Way.

The women marketeers said changing the name from John Chinena to John High Way will not in any way improve their well being.

“We are okay with this name of John Chinena. If anything, all we want is government to change our lives through empowering us with loans and not changing the name of our place,” said Mable Siabwacha.

And another marketeer who identified herself as Bana Timo, said the name John Chinena has always been there even before Zambia got her Independence.

She wondered why the PF government wants to change the name which has always been there.

“Why is this government behaving like this kansi? Us people here we are okay and proud of this good name John Chinena. We won’t accept this place to have its name changed,” said Bana Timo.

Meanwhile, Teddy Litizha who acts as market chairman said Vice President Inonge Wina should go and rename a market in her village in Western Province as John High Way and should leave the John Chinena Market in Chibombo alone.

“As people of Chibombo district and John Chinena in particular, we have refused to have our name changed from John Chinena to chizina cha bupuba. She also has a village where she comes from. Let her go and name a market in her village as John High Way not here. We have refused,” said Litizha.

Vice President Inonge Wina recently suggested that the famous John Chinena place in Chibombo should have its name changed to John High Way.



  1. Who is Inonge Wina in Lenje Land please? Let her name John Highway in western province. Uku Teshi kumishanu wanyumfwa.

  2. Lol…..these people are funny,I am pretty sure that there were some consultation meetings that were held and allowances were drawn in the name of wanting to change the name “John chinena” there are serious issues that are affecting the economy sure mwebantu,stop insulting people like this,you are enjoying today because of the same people you are insulting.what good will renaming that market? Even if you want to fund it,why should you change its name?my thoughts about this are that the government should focus more on awaken the economy unlike playing on people’s minds.enough is enough,stop saying things to provoke the provoked.if you have failed just wait for you time quietly


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